Get a page on the Bonteheuwel community website!

The Bontehuewel community website is an initiative of the Joint Peace Forum & will be launching SOON! 

Our intention with this website is to showcase the many different organisations and community projects in Bontehuewel.  Click the link below to fill out the form which provides us with your organisations details.  We’ll post it AND provide you with your own webpage on this community website. 

This offer is open to any and all organisations in the area, however if your organisation is affiliated to the JPF, your webpage is FREE.  If you choose not to be an affiliate organisation, the cost is R150 for 1 year.  Click here for more information about being an affiliates organisation. 


This website will be managed & updated by the community of Bonteheuwel

What does it mean to be an affiliate organisation

One of the main aims of the JPF has been to “Create an umbrella body for united action“.  By becoming an affiliate organisation, it means that you share in our goals and objectives which are:

    • Coordinate and support developmental activities
    • Raise awareness among residents especially young people about opportunities for forward movement
    • Instill a sense of pride and dignity back into Bonteheuwel
    • Facilitate alternatives to crime & gangsterism in the area
    • Establish partnership with all organisations and residents e.g. SAPS, etc. 

The JPF will not be involved in any running or administration of your organisation.  We simply request our affiliates to keeping doing what they doing by providing your skills, experience and expertise to build a better Bonteheuwel.

If you would like more information, please email us on or send us a message using the contact form