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The Bonteheuwel’s Joint Peace Forum, in association with the Rondebosch CAN is establishing a CCC to support those in our neighbourhood who cannot self isolate at home

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What is a CCC

The CCC is a place for COVID+ people  (or people who have symptoms but don’t know their COVID-19 status) who cannot safely self-isolate at home but want to stay in their own neighbourhoods. Most COVID+ people will have mild symptoms and will not need hospital care. But a lot of people cannot self isolate at home and will need a safe place to self-isolate. The CCC is a place for these people.

The CCC is also a trusted place in our own neighbourhood. A place where our friends and loved ones can be cared for while they recover. By providing a space for self-isolation at the neighborhood level, the CCC also forms an important part of the Community Action Network (CAN) and the community health system. Check out this picture below, and try to draw a network map for your own neighbourhood.

The Bonteheuwel CCC is a joint initiative by the JPF & Rondebosch CAN

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Why do we need a CCC in Bonteheuwel ?

Most COVID+ people only experience mild symptoms and do not need to be admitted to hospital. In all likelihood, these people will recover fully without any medical intervention.

In Bonteheuwel, there have been a number of cases demonstrating the urgent need for a Bonteheuwel CCC. The Bonteheuwel CAN is in the process of establishing our own CCC. Thus far, we have already established a team of dedicated volunteers, selected an appropriate venue, and are in the process of cleaning up and renovating the space.

The CCC promises to be a trusted place in our neighbourhood: a place where friends and loved ones can be cared for while they recover, supported by both the Bonteheuwel Community Action Network (CAN) and the local community health system.

The Bonteheuwel Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC) has been identified by the CAN as the most appropriate venue in the area. However, the building is in disrepair as a result of vandalism that occurred during lockdown. In order to make the Centre a safe and welcoming space for COVID+ residents, we are asking for in-kind and financial support for building materials and labour to facilitate the upgrading of the space.

How will the CCC look or operate ?

The CCC will consist of:

  • Temporary beds for Covid-19 patients (starting with 25 bed)
  • A kitchen for cooking meals daily
  • A laundry where bedding and patient clothing can be washed & cleaned
  • Separate shower and toilet areas for males & females
  • Community supported food garden to provide fresh veg to kitchen

The day to day running of the CCC will be managed by volunteers.  Patients who are severly ill will not be accomodated at the CCC as this is not a medical facility.  The purpose it to assist those who have mild symptoms who are unable to self-isolate at home.

What are the immediate requirements ?

The MPC is perfectly suited for the CCC and the bulding infrastructure is already in place & the layout of the complex accomodates the needs of the center.

The centre however requires quite a bit of repair work & the following are the requirements and estimated costs:

  • Building materials – R 20,000
    Ceiling boards, plywood board, doors, cement, sand 
  • Paint – R 7,500
    Material & labour
  • Plumbing – R 15,000
    Shower heads, shower doors, basins, taps, toilet bowls, cisterns, etc
  • Electrical – R 15,000
    Material (SURFIX 4.00mm2 x3+E BLK Cu PVC 300/500V, FLAT TWIN 2.50mm2 x2+E WHI Cu PVC 300/500V, SURFIX 2.50mm2 x2+E WHI Cu PVC 300/500V) & Labour
  • Kitchen & Laundromat – R 22,500
    Gas stove, fridge, freezer, washer, dryer
  • Rental – R 30,000

Community Volunteers clearing & cleaning the venue identified for the Bonteheuwel CCC

Items below are collection made by Rondebosch CAN

Ways to Support

Donate online

You will be able to donate online using the “Pay Now” button below. 

Our online payments are facilitated by PayFast which is one of the largest and most secure payment gateways in South Africa 

Our Fundraising goals:

  • Building repairs – R 20,000
  • Painting – R 7,000
  • Plumbing – R 15,000 (includes adding shower to existing facilities)
  • Electrical – R 15,000
  • Kitchen Equiment – R 12,500
  • Laundy Equipment – R 10,500
  • Rental (10 months) – R 30,000

Donate items required to refurbish the MPC

The Multipurpose centre (MPC) is an excellent venue for the CCC as it has male and female toilets, a kitchen, a laundry area as well as spaces for a dining area and lounge.  The MPC is however in disrepair and urgently require the following:

Shower heads, shower doors, basins, taps, toilet bowl, cistern

Surfix 4.00mm2 x3+e blk cu pvc 300/500v, flat twin 2.50mm2 x2+e whi cu pvc 300/500v, surfix 2.50mm2 x2+e whi cu pvc 300/500v)

Any Kitchen or Laundry items can also be dontated

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Contact details

Please contact us using the contact number, email or contact form below.  If you would like to dontate to the CC via direct transfers, please used the banking details provided

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082 111 2222

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c/o Elder Street and Jakkalsvlei Avenue, Bonteheuwel, Cape Town

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